Need for Introducing Mediation Clause in Contracts

Annual General Meeting (AGM) of National Centre for Dispute Resolution (NCDR) held here Monday with former chief justice of Pakistan, Justice Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui in the chair took a number of decisions concerning implementation of mediation laws in the country. It was the first AGM of the centre following its name was changed from Karachi Centre for Dispute Resolution to National Centre for Dispute Resolution (NCDR).

The meeting was informed that the mediation clauses were now being enforced world-wide by the courts and the international bodies such as International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) has also devised a mandatory mediation clause. Perfect Transport Network Group’s deputy director and company secretary Navaid Aijaz and SVP/divisional head (Legal Division) Aquil Khan said that they are also incorporating the mediation clause in all their contracts.

Hub-Pak Salt Refinery’s chief executive Ismail Suttar suggested that the NCDR should inform the banking sector of its services and the benefits of mediation in resolving disputes. The meeting ended with a positive note, appreciating the role of the NCDR in Pakistan and its efforts vis-à-vis enactment of mediation bill 2014.


Published by: Business Recorder